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Thank you for your trust, [Yancheng Yujie Machine Co., Ltd.] is a positive and enterprising, hard work, good intentions of the enterprise products. When you enter this page, you have become our honored guest. We will welcome you with a smile and hope to bring you a good mood every day! We will serve you wholeheartedly. You can contact us in the following ways!

Business contact: 0515-88631266

After-sale service: 国内:18066160366、国外:18061407799

Enterprise fax: 0515-88631266


Address: No. 8 Jinrong RD, Luming RD, Yancheng city Jiangsu PV, China;

QQ: 2853812358

Yancheng Yujie Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Factory address: No.6 Zhengang Road, Gangzhong Industrial Park, Yandu District, Yancheng City

Office address: room 1806, area B, Huabang International East Building, No.1, Renmin South Road, Yancheng City

Q Q : 2853812358

Tel: 0515-88699089 0515-88631266

Fax: 0515-88130466

Sales Department 1

President Tang: 18068866788


Sales Department 2: 18005104298

After sales service hotline: 18066160366



International Trade Department


Tel. + 86-18005104057


2. Mr. Tang

Tel. + 86-18061407799


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  • QQ:2853812358
  • Fax:0515-88631266
  • Address:No. 8 Jinrong RD, Luming RD, Yancheng city Jiangsu PV, China;

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